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Welcome to Backyard Fruit

There's nothing like taking a bite into your own fresh, home-grown fruit!

No more constant trips to the grocery store for expensive supermarket fruit. With the skyrocketing prices of fruit, it's almost unaffordable to eat healthy today.  Grocery store fruit is practically flavorless when compared to growing your own. Stores will hold on to fruit for so long, it loses its freshness. Grow your own fruit and taste the difference.

Fresh, home-grown fruit gives you endless nutritional benefits as well. The fresher the fruit, the more nutrients, and the healthier it is. You get the healthiest fruit by growing it yourself.

No spraying dangerous chemicals. When you grown your own fruit, you know that no pesticides or chemicals have been sprayed on your trees.

Finding the perfect fruit tree is not a "one size fits all" scenario. You get the ideal fruit tree that is perfectly suited for your part of the country.

You'll get a lifetime supply of fruit from a beautiful ornamental tree. These trees are properly branched and trained to give you the most fruit possible.

Grow a fruit orchard in your own backyard! The possibilities are endless- easy baking, delicious desserts or a sweet snack.  Freeze them for later, or share them with family & friends. You'll have so much fruit, you won't know what to do with it all!

Enjoy a lifetime of low-maintenance, easy to grow, fresh fruit.