4-in-1 Apple Tree

Growing Zone 5-8

Gala Apple Tree

Growing Zone 4-8

Fuji Apple Tree

Growing Zone 6-9

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Growing Zone 5-8

Red Delicious Apple Tree

Growing Zone 5-9

Honeycrisp Apple

Growing Zone 3-8

McIntosh Apple Tree

Growing Zone 4-8

Gravenstein Apple Tree

Growing Zone 4-9

Jonathan Apple Tree

Growing Zone 4-8

Pink Lady Apple Tree

Growing Zone 6-9

These apple trees are the hardiest, most pest & disease resistant varieties available. This means they're easy to grow organically... no need to constantly spray chemicals!


Our apple trees are grown up to a year longer than ones at other nurseries. We spend this extra time pruning and training them to produce more branches. More branches means more fruit! In fact, some of our larger sizes have already produced fruit in our nursery.


There's nothing like biting into an organic, home-grown apple.  You'll have healthy snacks to harvest, usually in the late summer through the fall.


Red apple fans will love the Red Delicious Apple Tree, one of the country's most popular apple varieties.  It will need a partner tree for pollination.  The McIntosh Apple Tree, another lovely red variety, makes a good choice.  These two make ideal pollinating partners.


The Fuji Apple Tree produces apples ideal for snacks or cooking.  Pair this tree with the Gala Apple Tree for pollination.  Both of these apples are ornamental as well, bearing striking colors from pale gold to brilliant red in stripes or speckles.  The Gravenstein Apple Tree bears another lovely pattern of stripes as well.  It pairs well for pollination with Gala or Red Delicious.


If you like to make homemade applesauce, the popular Jonathan Apple Tree is your best choice.  The Jonagold Apple Tree is a hybrid of the Jonathan and the Yellow Delicious.  This excellent cooking apple is a perfect choice for sauces, crisps and pies.


Red is not the only color that dresses a delicious apple.  Green and yellow may also cover the fruit.  One green apple is famous for its starring role in pies and crisps.  The Granny Smith Apple Tree is low maintenance and produces well when paired with many other apple trees like Jonathan, Gala, Fuji or Red Delicious.  It also partners well with another non-red variety, the Yellow Delicious Apple Tree.  It also requires a partner but even a Crab Apple will do for this amiable tree.  


Turn your backyard into a miniature apple factory!