Arbequina Olive Tree

The Perfect House Plant

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Why get a Arbequina Olive Tree?
This tree is enjoyed as much for its appearance as for its tasty fruit. These trees are low-maintenance, produce a lifetime of free olives, and make great indoor plants. Arbequinas have the highest oil concentration for an olive, making it most desired for olive oils.


• Great as a potted plant on patios, balconies and even indoors
• Very cold hardy- down to 12 F. Grows almost anywhere.
• The tastiest olive you can grow yourself


Where does Arbequina Olive Tree grow best?
These trees can grow anywhere in the country as a patio plant. Just pot it up in a container and bring it inside when the weather dips below freezing. If you’re in growing zones 7-10, you can plant outdoors in the ground. No matter how you plant it, your Arbequina will mature into a symmetrical, low-maintenance tree that will give you a lifetime of delicious, free olives.


Is it easy to grow Arbequina Olive Tree organically?
Arbequina olives are the best olives for organic growing. They are resistant to most pests and diseases, which means you won’t need to spray chemicals. Just make sure you give it deep, occasional watering if potted.

How many olives will I get?
Even a small Arbequina tree will provide you with 20 pounds of free olives every year. That’s hundreds, if not thousands, of delicious olives- enough for olive oil, salads and snacks! To compare, a 17 oz bottle of Arbequina Olive Oil is about $22.00. Between jarred olives and olive oil, your very own Arbequina tree will save you a lot of money, and the flavor can’t be beat.


What do Arbequina Olives taste like?
The Arbequina is the most desired olive. That’s why it is included in many top-shelf olive oils. The Arbequina’s small, oval shape and deep brown color seem to add to its flavor. Some have described it as starting out fruity with a delightfully peppery finish. Perfect for olive oils- it has a buttery, sweet taste. Enjoy Arbequina olives with goat or feta cheese and try them with dried figs and pears.


Pollination & fruiting season
This tree is self-pollinating, so you only need one tree to consistently get tons of olives. However, if you want to multiply your olive production, add a second Arbequina close by. They’ll cross pollinate each other, giving you a long, abundant fruiting season beginning in November.


Best time to plant
Arbequina Olive trees will adapt well to the location you choose. They can be planted almost any time of year either in a container or in the ground, depending upon weather and soil conditions. The tree typically thrives during the summer months but it is strong and resilient enough to plant year round, as long as your ground is not frozen. We recommend planting or potting as soon as possible, so your tree has plenty of time to adapt to its new growing condition. The sooner it adapts, the faster it bursts with olives!


Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this plant to AZ.