Bartlett Pear Tree

Crisp, Tasty, Healthy Pears!

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Why Get a Bartlett Pear Tree?
 • Massive quantities of sweet, succulent pears - even at a young age
• Incredible, fragrant white blooms in the spring
• Long storage life – pears freeze easily 
• Dwarf height makes it easy to pick fruit - no ladder needed!
Where Does the Bartlett Pear Tree Grow Best?
Bartlett Pear Trees are very hardy, tolerating temperature extremes in Growing Zones 5-8 . To ensure a healthy tree and productive harvest, they should be planted in well-drained soil in areas that get 8 hours of sun each day. Though they can survive cold winters, avoid planting them in areas susceptible to spring frosts. Southern exposure is your best bet whenever possible. Bartlett Pear Trees do well in city landscapes, too - they easily tolerate smog and poor air quality. You can even plant several in your backyard to create your own private orchard. 
Is it Easy to Grow the Bartlett Pear Tree Organically?
You can definitely grow your Bartlett Pear Tree organically. Disease can be prevented by ensuring that the soil drains well, using sterilized pruning tools, and pruning only when the tree is dry.
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
You won't be disappointed - the typical Bartlett Pear Tree will produce more than four bushels of pears per harvest. That's over 200 pounds per tree! At $1.50 per pound, you'll get $300 of free, delicious fruit every year! For the most production possible, keep your tree healthy and in good growing conditions.  
What Does a Bartlett Pear Taste Like?
Bartletts are considered America's favorite snacking pear because they have a juicy, almost spicy, taste. They have a velvety-smooth, buttery texture. These pears are the clear choice among home canners, and taste great baked in the oven or right off the tree. 
Pollination and Fruiting Season
The Bartlett Pear Tree is considered self-pollinating, so you can expect a good harvest of top quality pear production with a single tree. However, for an even higher and more consistent fruit yield, try pairing it with another variety, like the Kieffer Pear Tree . It’ll be like having a fruit factory in your backyard! Expect large harvests starting in late August that you’ll be able to pick off the tree right up until January. These pears have a long storage life, too - you can keep them up to 120 days once picked.  
Best Time to Plant
The Bartlett Pear Tree can be planted at any time of the year, as long as the ground is not frozen. Be sure to get your tree into the ground as quickly as possible - it gives your tree time to get acclimated to your climate and soil. 
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this tree to AZ, AR, CA, ID, LA, or WA.