Basjoo Banana Tree

Tropical Feel - Indoors or Out!

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Why Choose the Basjoo Banana Tree?
• Most cold-hardy banana
• Fast-growing tropical plant
• Grows anywhere as a potted plant
• Produces ornamental, not edible, fruit
• Great near pools, ponds, or patios
Where Does the Basjoo Grow Best?
This is a “hardy tropical” plant, so it does great in both the north and the south. It will survive temperatures as low as -20 if mulched. However, your Basjoo can grow anywhere in the country as a potted plant. Just grow it in a container and bring it indoors during the winter months. Give it full sun and lots of water and fertilizer to achieve an amazing growth rate of up to 18 feet tall, but it will also do well in light shade. 
Is it Easy to Grow the Basjoo Organically?
This tree is very disease- and insect-resistant, and there have been no serious reports of insect or disease problems. For optimum growth and health of your plant, fertilize it with an organic fertilizer several times throughout the season. 
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
This plant will begin to flower and bear fruit once it is 10 feet tall. However, these bananas are ornamental, not edible. This plant is renowned not for its fruit, but for its lush leaves and tropical beauty.
Pollination and Fruiting Season
After flowering and fruiting, the roots push out new shoots called suckers. These new suckers quickly form new pseudo-stems. You can remove them with a spade once they are 3 feet tall, during warm months, making sure there is some root attached. Plant them close to the surface. 
Best Time to Plant
You can plant your Basjoo Banana tree any time of year, just as long as your ground is not frozen. You can also pot up your banana tree any time of year as well.
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this tree to AZ.