Berry Plants

Tiff Rabbiteye Blueberries

Growing Zone 6-9

Pink Lemonade Blueberries

Growing Zone 4-8

Miracle Berry

Growing Zone 8-11/4-11 potted

Black Raspberry Bush

Growing Zone 5-9

Golden Raspberry Bush

Growing Zone 4-9

Heritage Raspberry Bush

Growing Zone 4-8

Sweetheart Blueberry Bush

Growing Zone 4-8

Toro Blueberries

Growing Zone 2-6

Thornless Blackberry

Growing Zone 5-9

Create an edible landscape with easy-care berry bushes.  These plants make beautiful additions to your garden and produce tasty additions to your table.  Our fruit-bearing plants and bushes are interesting, fun and easy to grow.  Find a place in your yard for each of our four varieties.


Our Everbearing Strawberry Bush brings one of your all-time favorite fruits to the table.  These plants are self-pollinating so you won't have to fuss over them.  They have a long harvesting season and continue to produce fruits till the first frost.  They like a sunny spot but will tolerate a bit of shade in the South and other summer high-heat zones.


Another self-pollinating fruit shrub is our Heritage Raspberry Bush.  The fruits have the classic taste you want for jams and spreads.  You can harvest twice, in the summer and fall, from this low-maintenance shrub.  The Heritage produces fruit in the first year so you won't have to wait an extra season for the canes to mature.


If you like raspberries, you might try a few of our more unusual varieties.  Our Black Raspberry Bush is a quickly becoming a new favorite.  It's compact in size and takes little maintenance plus it grows in almost any zone in the country.  Another self-pollinating plant, it produces a harvest in the summer of its first growing season.


Another tasty member of the raspberry family bears a striking color.  The Golden Raspberry Bush produces fruits in a lovely golden hue, just as sweet as their more vivid cousins.  This compact shrub also self-pollinates and grows quickly in nearly any part of the US.


No matter which of these plants you choose, you'll be sure to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.