Cavendish Banana Tree

Tons of Bananas, Every Year!

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Why Get the Cavendish Banana Tree?
• Excellent landscape plant with a tropical flair
• Extremely fast-growing
• Strong, hardy, and low-maintenance
• Can be grown indoors as a potted plant
Where Does the Cavendish Banana Tree Grow Best?
They can be planted in the ground in Growing Zones 9 and 10. Give these plants plenty of room - at least 8 feet apart if you plant in groups. If you live further north, in non-tropical climates, these plants are popular as patio and indoor potted plants. Just bring the container indoors when the temperatures dip below freezing. They can grow anywhere in the country as a patio plant.
Is it Easy to Grow Cavendish Bananas Organically?
Cavendish Banana Trees that are grown indoors have few problems, so they can easily be grown organically. Whether planted inside or out, your banana tree will benefit from an occasional washing of the stem and leaves to keep them free of dust and bugs. Just use mild dish soap with lots of water and a sponge.
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
Once your Cavendish Banana Tree begins bearing fruit, you can expect to get up to 90 bananas per season. These thin-skinned bananas are about 6-10 inches long. You’ll have plenty of bunches for family, friends and neighbors!
What Does the Cavendish Banana Taste Like?
These bananas are soft and sweet, and most often eaten raw or in baked dishes. Cut them up and add them to fruit salads, fruit compotes, smoothies, and of course, on top of your cereal. These medium-sized bananas are slightly smaller than the ones you find at the grocery store, but you’ll be pleased to find that they are sweeter and tastier than their store-bought counterparts. 
Pollination and Fruiting Season
Cavendish Banana Trees are self-fruiting and don't require a pollinator. When the suckers or "pups" start to form, allow at least four leaves to develop before you attempt to remove them from the main plant. Remove the pup with as much root as possible and pot it in a new container. It’s best to harvest your bananas a week or two before they ripen on the tree for the best-tasting fruit. They will be green at first, turning more yellow as they ripen.
Best Time to Plant
Plant your Cavendish Banana Trees as early as possible. You want to get them into the ground quickly so they have plenty of time to acclimate to your environment. Whether you plant them in the ground or pot them in a container, be sure to give them a good initial watering. 
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this tree to AZ.