Meyer Lemon Tree

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Key Lime Tree

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Calamondin Orange

Growing Zone 8-11/4-11 potted

Moro Blood Orange

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Nagami Kumquat

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Nules Clementine

Growing Zone 8-11 / (4-11 potted)

Washington Navel Orange

Growing Zone 8-11 (4-11 potted)

Owari Satsuma

Growing Zone 9-11 (4-11 potted)

The sun seems to be captured in the sweet-tart taste of citrus fruits.  Citrus trees are lovely as a landscape specimens as well as a healthy addition to your diet.  There are many tempting varieties of citrus fruits to add to your home orchard.


If you are a lover of lemons, the Eureka Lemon Tree or Meyer Lemon Tree might tempt you.  Both are self-pollinating but the Eureka has a spring harvest while Meyer trees bear mainly in the early fall.  These compact varieties are well-suited to containers and smaller landscapes.


Lime trees are also wonderful additions to your landscape.  One versatile lime even has a dessert named for it.  The Key Lime Tree produces a small yet flavorful fruit.  Self-pollinating when grown outdoors, the Key Lime may produce fruit all year in good conditions.


Perhaps the favorite citrus crop is the orange.  Our most popular is the unique Moro Blood Orange.   For an easy to peel snack, it's tough to pass up the fruit of a Navel Orange Tree. Oranges are closely followed by the grapefruit as a breakfast staple.  There are plenty of choices in grapefruits but the Ruby Red Grapefruit is a real treat in the morning. 


For those with more exotic tastes, there is a wide range of less commonly seen citrus trees you can easily grow at home.  Perhaps you'd like to try the fruit from the colorful Nagami Kumquat Tree.   With edible rinds, they pack a ton of vitamins.  Or maybe the super-sweet fruit of the Owari Satsuma Tree will be more to your liking?  This hardy, spring-blooming tree will bring you a delicious holiday harvest.  The Minneola Tangelo Tree's juicy fruits taste as good as they look.  You could also try the Nules Clementine Tree for a perfect patio plant.