Cold Hardy Avocado

The Perfect Indoor Plant

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Why get the Cold Hardy Avocado?
• It is the most frost-resistant avocado tree. It can withstand temperatures as low as 18 degrees, meaning it grows great just about anywhere in the country.
• This variety is a fast producer- you'll quickly get a lifetime of free fruit. One tree can produce up to $100 of avocados per year!
• The perfect variety for container growing. It thrives anywhere in the country as a patio plant - just bring it indoors during the winter.
• They require little pruning and minimal maintenance. They almost take care of themselves.


Where does the Cold Hardy Avocado grow best?
You can grow your avocado tree indoors or outside. These hardy plants will thrive in the warmer climates, but do well in colder locations if you pot them up and bring them indoors during the winter.

Put your avocado tree in a sunny spot. They can grow in areas that get some shade, but they thrive in full sun.


Is it easy to grow Cold Hardy Avocados organically?
Absolutely. Just add some compost or organic fertilizer in the spring and again in summer. They respond quickly with new growth and fruit.


How much fruit will I get?
Cold Hardy Avocado trees will start producing fruit quickly. Once mature, one tree can provide hundreds of dollars of fresh avocados each year.


You don't have to eat your Cold Hardy Avocados all at once. They can stay on your tree for several months until you are ready to eat them. You can have fresh avocados for over half the year.


What does a Cold Hardy Avocado taste like?
They have a glossy, dark skin that is thin and easy to peel. The flesh is smooth with a delicate texture and a rich flavor.


Although it is classified as a fruit, an avocado is not sweet. The flesh of a ripened avocado has a smooth, buttery texture and a subtle flavor.


Avocados are extremely popular in Mexican dishes. Mash them to make guacamole, slice them over a salad, puree them to add to soups!


They are also popular in vegetarian cuisine, too. They act as a substitute for meats in sandwiches and salads because of their high fat content.


Pollination & fruiting season
Your fruit ripens from August to October. They are ready to harvest when the fruit has reached its full color of dark green to black.


Avocados trees are self-pollinating, but they will produce even more with another avocado nearby.


Best time to plant
Plant your Avocado tree in the ground any time of year in the south, just as long as your soil is not frozen. Northern states can pot them in containers any time of year, but will need to bring them indoors during the winter. The older they get, the more cold tolerant they become. So it may be a good idea to offer a little more cold protection the first year.

Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this tree to AZ.