Fuji Apple Tree

Easy to Grow, Sweet Apples

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Why Choose the Fuji Apple Tree?
• One of the most popular apples in the USA
• Matures at 15 feet tall, the perfect picking height
• Dwarf variety is great for small lots and tight spaces
Where Does the Fuji Apple Tree Grow Best?
These trees thrive in Growing Zones 6-9, which is most of the country. They also thrive in a variety of growing conditions because they are very pest- and disease-resistant. They need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day, and 300-600 chill hours in order to produce fruit. They're also one of the most drought-tolerant apple varieties you can find.
Is the Fuji Apple Tree Easy to Grow Organically?
These trees are preferred by organic gardeners because they do not need pesticides or chemical sprays - they're naturally pest- and disease-resistant. These are low-maintenance trees, too - you don’t need to give them constant attention. 
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
These Fuji Apple Trees have been bred at our nursery to encourage maximum fruit production. We’ve grown them for an extra year, and pruned them to encourage more branching. More branches mean more apples! In fact, you could even see apples on your tree as soon as the first growing season. One mature Fuji Apple Tree can produce up to 250 pounds of fruit a year. At $4 per pound, you’ll be saving $1,000 every year! 
What Does the Fuji Apple Taste Like? 
These apples are crisp with a sugary-sweet flavor, like freshly pressed apple juice. They taste like a cross between the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Genet varieties and are great for pies, sauces, jellies, and even vinegars. 
Pollination and Fruiting Season 
The Fuji Apple Tree needs a cross-pollinator planted nearby. The Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious or Yellow Delicious are the best pollinators. Once pollinated, you can expect a large harvest of deep red, juicy fruit. These apples have a very long shelf life, even without refrigeration. If you do keep them in the fridge, they’ll remain fresh for months.
Best Time to Plant 
You can plant your Red Fuji Apple Tree at any time of year. Just make sure your ground isn’t frozen. You should get your tree in the ground as soon as possible so that it can adjust to your climate and growing conditions. The sooner this happens, the sooner you’ll get fruit. 
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship these trees to AZ, CA, ID or OR.