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Why Get the Gala Apple Tree? 
• One of the most popular apples in the US
• Known for tart taste and bruise-resistant skin
• Produces fruit years earlier than other varieties
• Matures to 15 feet, the perfect picking height
Where Does the Gala Apple Tree Grow Best? 
These trees thrive in Growing Zones 4-8, which is most of the US. They prefer full sun (6-8 hours a day) and well-drained soil. They need 500 chill hours in order to produce fruit. They even resist pests, diseases, and droughts, so you don't have to baby your trees. Gala Apple Trees mature at just 15 feet tall, so don't worry about their surroundings… they can grow in tight spaces or open areas.
Is the Gala Apple Tree Easy to Grow Organically? 
It's easy to grow the Gala organically since it is naturally pest- and disease-resistant. You only need to spray chemicals like pesticides on plants that are heavily-affected by bugs and diseases - not the Gala! These are low-maintenance trees that provide you with plenty of organic fruit without much effort.
How Much Fruit Will I Get? 
Our Gala Apple Trees are up to a year older than the ones at other nurseries. We spend extra time pruning them, and this extra pruning trains your tree to grow more branches. A well-developed branching structure means your tree can produce more fruit! One tree can produce from 6 to 12 bushels of apples per season, which is upwards of several hundred pounds of fruit. Over the course of a full year, that's about $750 worth of free apples! You can begin picking fruit as early as the first growing season.
What Does the Gala Apple Taste Like?
These apples are crisp with a rich blend of sweet and tart. The fruit is firm and juicy. They're great for pies and sauces, and they add a sweet kick to candies, desserts, juices, and sandwiches.
Pollination and Fruiting Season 
Galas are self-fertile, so they can give you fruit when planted alone. However, if you want to maximize your apple production, plant them in groups. This allows your Galas to pollinate each other, which will multiply your fruit output. The fruit ripens in mid-August to early September. These apples are great for storing, and have a long shelf life.
Best Time to Plant 
You can plant your Gala Apple Tree at any time of year, as long as your ground isn't frozen. This allows the tree to adjust to your climate as quickly as possible. When this happens, your tree can produce fruit earlier. Our larger sizes can give you fruit as soon as the first fruiting season.
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship these trees to AZ, CA, ID or OR.

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