Majestic Peach

Large Yields of Giant Peaches!

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4-5 ft.
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Why get the Majestic Peach tree?
•    High producer
•    Naturally disease and pest resistant
•    One of the largest peaches you can grow
•    Produces fragrant, pink blooms every spring
•    Get early production

Where does the Majestic Peach tree grow best?
Grow your Majestic Peach tree in an open, sunny area. Try to avoid rocky and poorly-drained soils. Your tree should be grown in soil with a pH of 6.5. Space your trees 12-15 feet apart to allow for adequate spreading. The Majestic Peach Tree looks lovely when planted in rows outlining your property – especially in the spring when fragrant, pink blooms burst to life. This tree grows best in zones 5-10 and requires 800 chill hours.

Is the Majestic Peach tree easy to grow organically?
Growing your peach tree is easy to do organically. Just use organic mulch (use the doughnut method) when planting, so your soil retails its moisture. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer such as manure in the spring before the tree blossoms and in the summer before the fruit begins to swell. Don't overwater. This tree requires about an inch of water a week.

How much fruit will I get?
Your Majestic Peach Tree can bear up to 70 pounds of fruit each year.

What do Majestic peaches taste like?
The Majestic Peach has a round, yellow flesh and is very high in vitamins A and C. It is a freestone variety which means the fruit’s flesh separates from the seed very easily. Peaches are juicy and delicious fresh off the branch and can be used to make jellies, jams and preserves. They also make yummy additions to your favorite desserts, salads and savory dishes.

Pollination & fruiting season
Pick the peaches when they develop a blush around early July. The Majestic Peach tree is self-fertile, but your yield will increase if you plant more than one variety of peach trees near it.

Best time to plant
Be sure to plant your peach tree as soon as possible. This allows your tree plenty of time to get adjusted to your climate. The sooner this happens, the earlier it can begin producing fruit!

Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this tree to AZ, AR, CA, ID, LA or WA.

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