McIntosh Apple Tree

Organic, Sweet Apples

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Why Choose the McIntosh Apple Tree?
• Naturally pest- and disease-resistant
• Get a heavy and reliable crop of fruit every year
• Produces clusters of fragrant white blooms 
Where Does the McIntosh Apple Tree Grow Best?
This variety thrives in Growing Zones 4-8. Strong sunlight (8 hours per day) is needed. For ideal fruit production, lightly trim away the top leaves so that sunlight can reach all parts of your tree. McIntosh trees are fast growers – they are one of the few apple trees that can thrive in damp, loamy soils. 
Is the McIntosh Apple Tree Easy to Grow Organically? 
This variety is native to North America, so it is naturally-resistant to typical pests and diseases that harm other apple varieties. This means you don’t need to constantly spray your fruit with pesticides and chemicals. We recommend you mulch with pine needles 2-3 inches around your tree’s base. 
How Much Fruit Will I Get? 
McIntosh apples typically take a long time to produce fruit. That is why we provide you with older trees that have advanced root systems, ready to produce fruit as soon as the first growing season. We also professionally prune your tree to encourage more branching, so you can enjoy larger annual apple harvests. A mature tree can provide as much as 5-10 bushels of apples a year – that’s almost 400 pounds of fruit! 
What Does the McIntosh Apple Taste Like? 
McIntosh apples are a mildly-tart fruit with a soft texture when cooked. The flavor is generally sweet with refreshing acidity and a hint of wine - often referred to as "vinous." You get the most flavor when you eat it immediately picked from the tree. However, this apple stores well and can retain most of its flavor for a long time. 
Pollination and Fruiting Season 
These trees are not self-fertile, so you’ll need a pollinator in order to enjoy fruit. We recommend pairing your tree with either the Jonathan, Gala, or Fuji varieties. Plant your trees within 100 feet of each other. Your apples have a very long storage life as well, so you can enjoy your organic fruit for months!
Best Time to Plant 
Plant your tree at any time of the year, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. The sooner you get your apple tree in the ground, the earlier you can enjoy your fruit.
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship these trees to AZ, CA, ID, or OR.

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