Niagara Grapes

The Country's Favorite Grapes

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Why plant Niagara Grapes?
Long lasting- twenty years of free grapes
Low maintenance- doesn't need constant attention
Early producers- perfect for the impatient gardener
Unique seedless variety

Where do Niagara grapes grow best?
Niagara grapevines thrive on fences or trellises. They flourish in partial to full sunlight, are adaptable to various soil types, and have moderate drought tolerance. They thrive in growing zones 5-9.


Is it easy to grow Niagara grapes organically?

Niagaras are a favorite among organic grape lovers.They are a native to North America, so they're naturally resistant to many common pests and diseases. They aren't finicky either, so you won't need to give them constant attention.


How much fruit will I get?
A mature vine will produce multiple clusters of grapes for months at a time. Your local grocery store sells grapes at around $2 per pound, so you'll save thousands over the years.


What do Niagara grapes taste like?
Niagara grapes are the most popular variety and are often referred to as table grapes.


They are tart, crisp, and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness. Niagara grapes are found in several wines and juices. They are also used in jams and jellies.


Pollination & fruiting season

Niagara grapevines are self-pollinating and do not need to be planted with any other variety. However, to maximize production, we recommend planting in pairs.


You can expect a midseason ripening in August. Grapes can be kept fresh by refrigeration for days and will retain freshness even longer if frozen.


Best time to plant
The best time to plant your Niagara grapes is early spring. However, they can be planted year-round in growing zones 5-9. The great news is that if you live outside of those zones, your plant can be potted and brought indoors anywhere in the U.S. It will flourish in full sun.


Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this plant to AZ, ID, OR or WA.