North Star Cherry Tree

The Cold-Hardy Cherry Tree

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Why Plant a North Star Cherry Tree?
• Very cold-hardy - perfect for northern growers
• Self-pollinating… get cherries from just one tree
• Perfect picking height! Matures to just 10-12 feet tall
• Dwarf variety is great for small lots and tight areas
Where Does the North Star Cherry Tree Grow Best?
The North Star Cherry is a compact tree, so it’s ideal for any area, but is especially popular with gardeners with smaller yards. It is the preferred tree for colder, northern climates - great for Growing Zones 4-8. These trees thrive in direct sunlight and well-drained soil. However, they tolerate drought-prone areas, too. 
Is it Easy to Grow North Star Cherry Trees Organically?
North Star cherries are very popular among organic gardeners, especially those in cold climates. An established tree requires little maintenance. We help establish your tree by growing it for up to two years longer than other nurseries, and also giving it a professional pruning before we send it out to you. This helps your tree get established quicker, and also produce more fruit. You will not have to use chemicals to grow your tree. It only requires direct sunlight and well-drained soil. Watering is only necessary during extended droughts. 
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
These trees mature quickly because we’ve held on to them for an extra two years, pruning them to encourage more fruit production. Because of this, your tree will be ready to give you cherries as quickly as its first growing season. A mature tree will produce from 50-100 pounds of fruit per year. That equates to approximately $250-$500 of grocery savings each year!
What Does a North Star Cherry Taste Like?
The fruit is small, firm, and pit-free. It is exceptionally sweet, which makes it popular for pies and baking. However, it’s also great as a snack right off the tree! It stores well, and keeps its flavor for a long time. You can refrigerate or freeze North Star Cherries to make them last even longer.
Pollination and Fruiting Season
You can expect cherries from May to mid-September. This tree is a self-pollinator, so you don’t need to plant another tree in order to get fruit. However, for maximum fruit production, plant two North Stars. They’ll pollinate each other more than one can by itself – it’s like multiplying your fruit production! Be sure to remove your cherries with the stems still attached to the fruit. This encourages your tree to keep producing fruit throughout the growing season. Cherries keep well and can be left on the branch for up to two weeks before harvesting. Berries can be stored in the refrigerator, and will last for several weeks when frozen.
Best Time to Plant
Get your North Star Cherry Tree in the ground as soon as possible so it has plenty of time to adjust to its new growing conditions. The earlier you plant, the sooner it adjusts to your climate, and the quicker it produces an abundance of cherries! Just make sure your ground isn’t frozen. 
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship this plant to AZ, CA, ID, or WA.