Nules Clementine

A Lifetime of Sweet Citrus

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Why Get a Nules Clementine Tree?
• Heavy-producing variety - large crops every year
• Pest- and disease-resistant, no need for chemicals
• Considered the sweetest Clementine variety
• Adapts to many soils and conditions
• A tough tree - adaptable and drought-tolerant
Where Does the Nules Clementine Tree Grow Best?
This tree grows anywhere in the country as a patio plant. Just pot it up in a large container and keep it outside. Once the temperatures dip below 40 degrees, bring it indoors and place it near a sunny window. The Nules Clementine Tree adapts to most soils and a variety of climates. It is naturally pest- and disease-resistant and has a high drought-tolerance. If you plant it outside, it prefers Growing Zones 9-11.
Is it Easy to Grow the Nules Clementine Tree Organically?
The Nules Clementine is a Spanish variety of Clementine - a Mandarin orange hybrid. It is naturally low-maintenance, pest-free and resistant to disease, making it an easy plant to grow organically. It does not require the use of spray chemicals. Simply use organic soil and fertilizer.
How Much Fruit Will I Get?
For such a small plant, the Nules Clementine Tree produces an amazing amount of fruit each year. A mature tree will produce up to 30 pounds of Clementines annually. That's enough to share with family, friends, and neighbors!
What Does a Nules Clementine Taste Like?
The Nules Clementine is often considered the sweetest of all Clementines. It is seedless, too, making it a very convenient snack. Children will love its small size and sweet-as-candy flavor. It can also be used for baking, canning, marmalades, and in a variety of dishes such as a glaze on fish. Grated, Clementine is a wonderful garnish in tea, cocktails, or atop a dessert.
Pollination and Fruiting Season
The Nules Clementine Tree is self-pollinating, so it can produce plenty of fruit without any other citrus trees. Because of this, it is a perfect choice to grow indoors or away from other plants. Nules Clementines start producing in November and continue until January. They usually stop bearing fruit by February. Clementines should be picked immediately when ripe and stored in a cool, dry environment. Clementines will remain fresh and juicy for up to two weeks if refrigerated. They should be stored in a container with plenty of ventilation.
Best Time to Plant
The Nules Clementine Tree can be planted year-round as long as the ground isn't frozen. If you live in a climate that experiences cooler weather, it's suggested that you grow your tree in a garden pot that can be moved indoors in full sunlight when the temperature drops.
Due to agricultural restrictions, this tree cannot be shipped to AZ, CA, FL, LA, SC, or TX.