Sweetheart Blueberry Bush

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Why get a Sweetheart Blueberry Bush?
• Considered a super food… high in disease-fighting antioxidants
• Bears two crops of sweet, plump berries each year
• Very easy to grow & tolerant of most growing conditions
• Get large, early crops of berries (up to 15 pounds)
• Naturally disease-resistant… perfect for organic gardening


Where do Sweetheart Blueberries grow best?
The Sweetheart Blueberry bush is a cross between a southern highbush variety and a northern highbush. This means they get the best characteristics of both varieties- cold tolerant, disease resistant and easy to grow. Sweetheart Blueberries don’t need a long chilling period to produce sweet fruits so they do equally well in the South. They are also more tolerant of lower acidity soils. Needs a full 6 hours of daily sunlight for the best fruit production.


Is it easy to grow Sweetheart Blueberries organically?
Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits for organic gardeners to grow. Most varieties were originally derived from native plants which are naturally resistant to diseases that might damage other fruits. Blueberries are pollinated by insects, so using harsh sprays and chemicals is not advised. The only pests that seem to annoy organic blueberry growers with any consistency are birds. Wild birds love blueberries and will feed heavily on the fruits, even before they are ripe. Bird mesh or netting is a simple, organic means of dealing with this common issue. Alternately, you could plant extra bushes and enjoy the wildlife.


How much fruit will I get from a Sweetheart Blueberry bush?
Classified as a “heavy producer”, a mature Sweetheart Blueberry planted in good conditions is capable of producing up to 15 pound of berries in a single growing season. This yield will arrive in not one, but two crops. Sweetheart Blueberries will heavily fruit once early in the season, around late May or early June. It will flower again later in the season around August and produce a smaller late-season crop. Blueberries range from a grocery store price tag of $4 to $5 for a single half-pint. Out of season they can cost even more. In addition, home blueberry growers have the added confidence of knowing exactly how their food was grown.


What does a Sweetheart Blueberry taste like?
Sweetheart Blueberries are firm and sweet, making them a healthy and delicious snack. Great for pies, tarts and other baked goods. They also store remarkably well. You can freeze them solid in a single layer on a sheet pan and then transfer the berries to a plastic bag or container without losing the superb taste.


Pollination and fruiting season for Sweetheart Blueberries
Sweetheart Blueberries are easy for first-time fruit growers as well as seasoned gardeners. It is a self-pollinating shrub, which means that you can grow a single shrub and have a full harvest. However, even with a self-pollinating cultivar, cross-pollination is helpful. Having more than one shrub or more than one variety will help both shrubs set berries more effectively and increase your harvest.


Best time to plant Sweetheart Blueberries
Since this variety is a cross between a warm-weather plant and a cold-weather plant, it is accepting of any season for planting. Just make sure your ground isn’t frozen. Give the Sweetheart Blueberry supplemental watering to ensure evenly moist, but not soggy, soil. Once the first frost sets in and the bush goes dormant, you probably won’t need to water till spring.


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