Toro Blueberries

Blueberries for the North

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Why Get a Toro Blueberry Bush?
• Heavy producing variety- get buckets of berries every year
• Extremely cold-hardy… perfect for northern climates (Growing Zones 2-6)
• Compact size looks great in any landscape
• Grow organically - get sweet, large, juicy berries 
Where Do Toro Blueberries Grow Best?
The Toro Blueberry Bush has a compact growth habit that makes it very versatile. It peaks at about 4 to 5 feet tall. Toro Blueberries can be planted in nearly any size yard or even in containers. Their size and shape make them an excellent choice for a home garden. Blueberries like slightly acidic soil best. They also prefer a rich soil with plenty of organic matter, which can be easily added. Plant Toro Blueberries where they will have consistent moisture, since the roots are shallow. Like most fruiting plants, Toro Blueberries need full sun to produce at their best. They will grow best in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun exposure every day.  Toro is one of the few varieties that will thrive in colder climates. It can be planted in yards that see frequent cold weather and still bear fruit that is evenly ripened. This is a unique trait among blueberries.
Is it Easy to Grow Toro Blueberries Organically?
The Toro was developed from blueberry bushes native to the US. This means that it resists many pests and diseases that plague other imported varieties. It has quickly become a favorite among organic gardeners since there is no need to spray chemicals and pesticides on your berries! Even rabbits leave them alone! Birds love the fruit so organic gardeners should either consider using bird netting to ensure a good harvest or plant extra shrubs to share the harvest.
How Much Fruit Will I get from a Toro Blueberry Bush?
Known as a “heavy producer” of berries, this is one of the few varieties that can provide an abundance of fruit in northern climates. A mature bush can be expected to bear several pounds of berries per harvest, even for a young plant. Some gardeners report harvesting several buckets full of berries from a single shrub. The average production for a mature blueberry bush can be as high as 8 to 10 pounds per growing season. At around $4 for a half pint (and even more in some areas), this is a welcome cost saving for the garden. The shrub will pay for itself very quickly.
What Does a Toro Blueberry Taste Like?
Toro Blueberries are firm with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. This makes them ideal for eating raw off the bush. The firm texture freezes well. They are sweet enough for syrups and preserves as well. They are large berries, compared to other varieties, so the flavor stands out in fruit salads and makes baked goods especially flavorful. The Toro is also a juicy berry that can be incorporated into smoothies and fresh juices.
Pollination and Fruiting Season
Abundant flowers appear in the early spring, starting out hot pink and slowly opening to white. The berries develop in clumps from the centers of the blooms. Gardeners can expect to harvest in the middle of their growing season, usually around mid-July depending on the zone. Toro is a self-pollinating blueberry. This means you can plant a single shrub and still harvest pint after pint of fresh berries. However, planting it in multiples or alongside another variety will improve the plant’s production through cross-pollination.
Best Time to Plant
The Toro Blueberry Bush can be planted any time of year that the ground is not frozen. However, planting in the fall gives the roots a chance to become better established before the heat of summer. Provide supplemental water if you plant in a warmer season.
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship these trees to AZ, CA, OR, or WA.