Yellow Delicious Apple Tree

Delicious, Golden Apples

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Why Choose the Yellow Delicious Apple Tree?
• The sweetest, juiciest yellow apple
• Low-maintenance - great for beginner gardeners
• Gives you fruit sooner than most varieties 
• One of the most popular snacking apples
Where Does the Yellow Delicious Apple Tree Grow Best?
This variety thrives in Growing Zones 5-8. They need 600-700 chill hours and 6-8 hours of daily sunlight to produce fruit. They prefer well-draining soil, but adapt easily to poor growing conditions. They’re low-maintenance, too. They’re resistant to pests and diseases that are issues for other varieties.
Is the Yellow Delicious Apple Tree Easy to Grow Organically?
This tree is a favorite among organic gardeners. Yellow Delicious apples are the juiciest golden apples available, and the tree is very pest- and disease-resistant. This means you don’t have to spray chemicals like pesticides on your fruit. Be sure to prune away any broken or damaged branches to keep your apple tree healthy.
How Much Fruit Will I Get? 
These are naturally heavy fruit producers. However, we encourage even more fruit production by professionally pruning them to grow more branches. More branches mean more fruit! Because of this, you can expect 5-8 bushels of fruit each annual harvest. That’s over 200 pounds of apples every year to share with family, friends and neighbors!
What Does the Yellow Delicious Apple Taste Like? 
These apples are extra juicy, crisp, and extremely sweet, with not a trace of bitterness or tartness! They’re easy to bite into due to their tender skin. These apples make great snacks right from the tree, but they store well enough to last for months after picking, so you don’t have to feel like you need to eat them all at once right after you pick them. They’re really sweet, too, making them one of the most preferred baking apples. 
Pollination and Fruiting Season 
This variety is self-pollinating, so one tree will produce fruit. However, to maximize fruit production, plant them in groups for ideal cross-pollination. We recommend pairing this tree with the Red Delicious or Granny Smith for maximum fruit production. Pick your apples from late summer to early fall. They’re extremely juicy and sweet when picked right off the tree, but are also able to keep their flavor after months of storage.
Best Time to Plant
Plant your Yellow Delicious Apple Tree at any time of year, as long as your ground isn’t frozen. This allows the tree to get adjusted to your growing conditions. The sooner this happens, the earlier you’ll see fruit!
Due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship these trees to AZ, CA, ID, or OR.